Allergy Season Is Here…

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Allergy season is upon us, and many pets are constantly itching like crazy, breaking out in hot spots, & licking their paws uncontrollably. So what can you do to help your pet? First things first we need to determine if your pet has an environmental allergy or a food allergy. You read that correct, your dog or cat can be allergic to grass, trees, pollen, & even their own food. Typically if your pet only has allergies in the fall and spring it is a environmental allergy, but if it is year round we need to dig a little deeper.

If your pet has environmental allergies we recommend raw goat’s milk that has been fermented and cultured. Why is this stuff so great? Well for starters it is a natural antihistamine. It is loaded with tons of good probiotics, plus your dog will LOVE it!

Next if your dog or cat tends to have allergies year round we need to look at their food. Did you know that wheat, corn, soy, chicken, & beef are the most common allergens? Also just because your dog has been on the same food their whole life doesn’t mean they cannot develop an allergy over time. Also don’t be fooled by companies who say their food is a “fish” or other protein base food on the front of the bag. Often times when you read the ingredient label you find other proteins in the food.
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