Acana Regionals Grasslands for Cats


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ACANA’s Grasslands Cat and Kitten recipe is a grain-free, protein-packed recipe loaded with over 75% of meat, game and fish! Inspired by the fertile Kentucky grasslands, this biologically appropriate recipe includes an unmatched variety of fresh regional ingredients including grass-fed Kentucky lamb, free-run Muscovy duck, nest-laid eggs, Rainbow trout and free-run quail! All ingredients are raised and fished on local Kentucky farms by farmers ACANA knows and trusts. Staying true to your cat’s evolutionary diet, ACANA’s Grasslands formulas feature wholeprey ratios in order to mimic the diet mother nature intend. By using the whole animal or fish, including organs and cartilage, your cat absorbs all the necessary nutrients naturally and completely. Muscle meat provides protein; liver, kidney and tripe supply vitamins and minerals; while bones and cartilage deliver calcium and phosphorus. Glucosamine and chondroitin are derived naturally from high quality meat ingredients, not synthetics. Fresh whole Rainbow trout are brought in daily from Idaho’s Snake River aquifers and are naturally rich in essential fatty acids like Omega-3, DHA and EPA to promote healthy skin and shiny coats. Add in the ripest fruits and vegetables that are delivered fresh everyday from neighboring farms and top it off with generous infusions of freeze-dried lamb liver and the recipe is complete. ACANA Regional Grasslands recipe is an excellent choice for helping cats and kittens of all breeds maintain optimum weight and peak health.